Level up your Photography with these amazing editing skills! A Complete Guide to Editing your pictures

Course Structure

Learn all the tips and tricks of post production of Baby and Maternity Photoshoots. The course is for 6 weeks which will cover the following topics:

Week 1- Introduction Basics Overview

  • Tools
  • Basics you should know
  • Lightroom cull and crop

Week 2 -Basic Baby Edits

  • Basic Baby Edit
  • Clean Baby Edit
  • Clean Peely Skin
  • Natural Light Newborn Edit
  • Color Correction

Week 3 – Maternity Editing with Textures

  • Identifying problems
  • Learning advance tools for correction

Week 4 – Maternity Editing on Fabrics

Week 5 – Simple Maternity Edits

  • Backlit Editing
  • Background Fin and texture Edit
  • Silk Editing
  • Exporting and saving your work

Week 6 – Wrap up and Next Steps

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