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Things to consider before doing a photoshoot of your baby- Tips from a Newborn Photographer

As you pregnant and excited to enter into a new role of parenting? Have already started looking for Baby Photography props and tips to get that perfect shot of your baby? Newborn baby photography is something that excites every parent and specially new mom-to-be.

You surely don’t want to miss any growing moments of your child

In the quest of that ad-like baby picture we endlessly search great ideas, collect every possible baby prop and dress. Whether we are shooting at home or with a professional photographer this is a constant quest. But most often we skip other details that are also very important. Knowing these things would not only help you in making some wonderful pictures but would also give you a greater confidence in dealing with a newborn or an infant.

Key factors in shooting a newborn

  • Weight of the baby: Usually, a good baby weight is between 6 -9 pounds when you plan for first photoshoot of the baby. This range is usually a good range for a happy and healthy baby which reflects in the pictures as well


  • No of Days: Babies are more alert and are awake after 28 days of their birth and most cooperative within 14 days after their birth, when they spend most of their time in sleeping. If you are looking for that perfect calm sleeping pose this is the best time.


  • Time of the day: Most of the babies are active during night time and get into deep sleep in the morning. Morning or early afternoon is the best time to photograph those cute little ones.


  • Baby Feeding: A newborn feeds in every 2-3 hours if fed full. Good to know their feeding schedule so that you or your photographer prepares according. So after the belly is full, burps are done and with little wet diapers baby is ready to sleep and give you a perfect pose to shoot.


  • Heat: A newborn cannot control their body temperature as they cannot shiver or sweat. Only thing that helps them warm is body fat. That’s why weight of the baby plays an important role, a 9 pound baby can better manage heat than a 6 pound baby. Its good to keep babies in a warm environment where it matches the womb’s temperature of the mother – 99.86 F.


  • Twins: Usually twins arrive early and its good to delay the photoshoot of them by 1 week. 2-3 weeks after their works best with them once they gain those extra pounds.

Knowing these things helped me in becoming a better photographer.

Let me know if this Baby photography tips helped you too as a beginner? For free consultation on how to plan for your newborn photoshoot, click here.

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